How ill Can You Feel With Stress


Is stress causing illness? It’s always believed that stress is closely linked to health. Be it quick or constant, stress can affect our body in many ways. Though stress is not always bad, it does make you feel ill especially if you are exposed to them under prolonged period of time. But how ill can you feel with stress?

Here is a list of the possible impact of stress on your health.

1. Stress can affect the nervous system causing emotional stress. Under the influence of stress, we may feel anger, anxiety, fright, sadness, guilt and worries that may eventually lead to mind disorders like depression and insomnia. These emotional disorders tend to lead to chronic fatigue in the long run, a condition that is commonly known as “stressed out”. 

2. It has long been believed that stress does affect our body immune system. Short-term stress would boosts the immune system while long-term stress is said to suppress it. An impaired immune system under the effects of long-term stress make our body more susceptible to infections and hence a person who is under prolonged stress tend to fall sick more easily than a person who is stress-free.

3. Many cardiovascular or heart problems are also directly related to stress. A person who is under constant stress may experience chest discomfort, an elevated blood pressure or even a stroke or heart attack especially when the person gets angry easily under the influence of stress.

4. Weight gain or obesity may also results from constant stress. Some people tend to indulge in comfort eating when stressed which very often are able to help reduce stress for a short period. However, prolonged excessive intake of food will eventually make them gain excess weight leading to obesity. Obesity in turn may cause other health problems like diabetes, heart problem and arthritis etc. 

5. Ulcers formation, though not directly caused by stress can be aggravated by stress.

6. Extreme emotional or physical stress very often lead to hair loss in some people.  Under stress, the hair shedding rate tends to increase or the white blood cells may attack the hair follicle, which stops hair growth. The hair may grow back but in some instances, treatment may be required. 

7. The narrowing of the airways under the influence of stress may also lead to or worsen an asthma attack.

8. Stress can lead to diminish sexual desire and an inability to achieve orgasm.

These are just some examples on how ill you can feel with stress. It may differ from one individual to another and it is also dependent on the intensity and time of exposure to stress. Start taking steps to lower your stress now, whilst your health is still good